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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Attention retails stores and retail shops owners –our free video training on SMS marketing for retail can show you how to build relationships with your shoppers that will have them coming back again and again – increasing your sales and brand recognition.[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

Using text message marketing, you can reach your customers right in their pocket – they always have their cell phones with them and read texts 90% of the time within minutes – learn about retail SMS marketing today!


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SMS marketing companies will charge your retail shops thousands of dollars for the strategies we’ll teach you today for free. From the best SMS marketing software for retail stores to try to use to tips of the most successful SMS marketing campaign and more, our free course is an encyclopedia of SMS text marketing information. In addition, we’ll show you all about other aspects of retail mobile marketing including apps and mobile websites for retail shops. What are you waiting for? It’s free…

Bulk SMS marketing for retail is the future of retail advertising – in a recent survey on advertising spending, online media (including SMS mobile marketing, mobile web, apps and text message marketing) is the highest category – the lowest is newspaper advertising and right above that is TV. We have ingrained ourselves to ignore sales emails, junk mail and even billboards. But a SMS text marketing message sent to your phone has a sense of urgency about it – people hear the chime of a bulk SMS marketing message and they reach for their phones and read it – while talking to people, while shopping, while at the stop light – people want to read their texts. This is why text message marketing is currently the single most effective marketing tool. Learn all about SMS marketing service, SMS marketing software and how to launch a retail SMS marketing program of your own!


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[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Give Me Some Examples of How My Retail Stores Can Use SMS Text Marketing…[/headline_arial_small_left]

No problem. One retail clothing store implemented an SMS mobile marketing strategy after consulting with SMS marketing companies on the best SMS marketing service. They decide to promote a series of text in codes that would send bulk SMS marketing messages back to the shoppers based on different buying categories. The codes they used included:

  • SALE – when the customer texted this code to the number given, they got back a text message marketing alert on what items were on sale that week or day plus recurring periodic SMS mobile marketing messages on special sales
  • CLEARANCE – texting to this code got shoppers a return SMS text marketing message on which items were on deep discount and going fast and then recurring bulk SMS marketing messages on last chance inventory
  • PARK – texting this code got an instant reply on where to park nearby for free and then triggered SMS mobile marketing messages now and then with special promotions
  • DIRECTIONS – texting this code gets directions sent straight to customers’ phones via the retail store’s SMS marketing software and then tags them for special events at the store
  • HOURS – this code sends customers the store’s daily hours via bulk SMS marketing and invites them to come by with a percent off offer.


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These codes were part of the mobile website homepage to make it very easy for customers to use text message marketing to easily find their retail shops and to capture them in their SMS mobile marketing database.

As part of our free retail SMS marketing video training you’ll learn strategies for SMS marketing for retail and tips from top SMS marketing companies on the best SMS marketing service and how to design a winning SMS marketing campaign.

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[testimonial1_arial author=”Gina – Alpharetta, GA“]“I manage a children’s clothing and shoe boutique in a trendy suburban area. I noticed that several of the other retailers in our upscale outdoor shopping center were doing retail SMS marketing promos and I wanted in on the action. My shoppers are mostly busy moms on the go. After watching your videos on SMS marketing for retail, I had some good ideas about what sort of retail SMS marketing would appeal to our shoppers. I contacted a couple of SMS marketing companies and then settled on the best one for my budget – we got SMS marketing software, came up with some creative ideas for our first SMS marketing campaign and we were off and running. Even though our SMS text marketing list started out small, it’s gaining momentum fast. The first SMS marketing campaign generated $2.75 per text, but now eight months later, our list has grown and our most recent SMS marketing campaign generated a whopping $15.35 per text sent. It’s money via mobile – I swear it’s a miracle!”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Charles – Dover, DE“]“Our Christian bookstore has felt the heat from online competition and I knew we needed to change our promotional outlook. I saw your SMS marketing for retail and instantly saw the benefit for faith-based retail stores. I’m nowhere near tech-savvy enough to try this on my own so we hired one of the three SMS marketing companies I screened and were able to use their SMS marketing software for free, so that was great. We were then ready to use SMS marketing service. Our customers were great about signing up and we even got some local churches to put our texting code in their church bulletins and in-service slide shows. The response has been great – business is up and I can’t believe I waited so long to try a SMS marketing service. Bless you!”[/testimonial1_arial]

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