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As part of this exclusive video training series, you will find out which mobile marketing services can best set up your text message strategy. It's very easy and affordable!






Let us teach you about text marketing for retail stores and show you how text message marketing companies can equip you to rapidly start sending mobile text marketing messages to your customers to bring them in to spend! 

Our free training videos on text message marketing apply to any retail establishment – learn how mobile websites, QR codes and mobile coupons are increasing store profits by 20-50%.


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Text message marketing companies know that almost 80% of people are never farther than a few feet from their mobile phone and that 90% of text message marketing is read within minutes of receipt. This makes text message marketing the most powerful tool in your promotional arsenal. Let our free mobile text marketing training show you how to fund the best text message marketing companies for your retail establishment. Start now!

Curious what text message marketing companies have to offer a retail shop like yours? Our free training will give you the lowdown on all aspects of mobile text marketing including the best text message marketing software, top text message marketing service to try, secrets of the top text message marketing reseller and more – all for free – all right now – don’t wait to get started!


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What Can A Text Message Marketing Reseller Do For Me?

Pretty much anything you need is the short answer. A reseller can advise you on all aspect of text marketing for retails stores. They will help you select the best and most affordable or free) text message marketing software for your business, let you know all about the types of text message marketing service available to you, advise you on QR codes and mobile coupons.

Past the advice stage, a reseller will install your text message marketing software, design and program your QR codes, program your mobile coupons as well as tracking codes and implement any text message marketing service you’ve decided to use.




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Use our free training to learn how resellers and text message marketing companies can help you get started in text message marketing. Learn today!

 “My ice cream shop needed a little more vim in or promo program – we were just too vanilla! Your videos on text marketing for retail stores were just the thing. We’re more than just a scoop and serve shop – we also sell take home cartons, scoops, cans of gourmet toppings and other ice cream related retail items. We needed a way to let people know about our retail side – mobile text marketing seemed like the perfect conduit. My partner and I looked at different types of text message marketing service and then decided to use a text message marketing reseller to help us. We downloaded the free text message marketing software you recommended and then we launched a birthday promo in our store – you text to join and then get on our birthday list plus a free instant coupon. It’s been a big hit – thanks!”
Dez – Canton, OH
“Our grocery co-op was looking to expand our customer base and your free text marketing for retail stores training had us convinced that text message marketing was the tool we needed. Using your advice, we screened a couple of text message marketing companies before settling on a local text message marketing reseller. We started out with a QR codes push that integrated into our mobile text marketing database and then into mobile coupons offers. This has been really popular since we don’t accept any types of paper coupons. We appreciate all of the valuable tips and plan to keep on using text message marketing.”
Lilla – Little Five Points, GA

Don’t wait another minute – our free video training on text marketing for retail stores is ready for you to view now. Learn how to choose a text message marketing service, get a free download link for text message marketing software, learn how to get the most from a text message marketing reseller, how to use QR codes, mobile coupons and more. Learn all this today for free!


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