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Retail stores of all sizes all across the country are finding out how easy it is to start bulk SMS marketing campaigns. With free text message marketing software on a low-cost text message marketing platform, your retail store can begin using SMS marketing service right away. Learn how – right now!

Text message marketing companies are now more influential in advertising than traditional advertising firms. Their technology driven branding is the next wave of digital promotions and can work for your retail store starting now – using low cost SMS marketing software, SMS  marketing companies can have you bulk text message marketing ready in just a few days. Let us show you how to get started with retail store text message marketing for free! Included in our training is an overview on all aspects of mobile marketing as well as tips on where to find free text message marketing software downloads.

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My Retail Store Needs a Loyalty or Rewards Program – Can Bulk Text Message Marketing Help?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of tattered hole punched sub sandwich cards – and while most shoppers would like to be part of your loyalty program, they don’t want yet another scan card hanging from their already packed keychain. They’ll be thrilled instead to text a code to join the program and keep track of the points online. Low cost or free text message marketing software and a text message marketing platform can manage this SMS marketing service for you.

Any text message marketing companies will tell you that converting your loyalty program to text based is the way to go – this is one of the most popular types of SMS marketing service in use today. SMS marketing companies have software to track points or dollars spent and rewards earned that you can communicate to customers to encourage them to spend to hit their next reward level or promo discount threshold.

Bulk Text Marketing Software Retail text marketing

SMS marketing companies are using SMS marketing software to implement digital loyalty programs for retailers small and large all over the country. People are willing to text a code to join, but will turn down a loyalty program that requires them to fill out a cumbersome form and wait while you issue them a card. Instant gratification encourages sign ups and then you can use the database you build using SMS marketing software to send out offers using text message marketing. Software is low cost and often provided by the text message marketing companies themselves.

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“My wild bird feed store is very market segment oriented – we don’t have a huge customer base, but it’s very rich. I never thought about trying bulk SMS marketing because our customer age is typically 30 and much, much older. But now that I’ve noticed that more and more of our customers are browsing smart phones in hand, I thought it might be time to revisit retail store text message marketing. Your free videos were a great help. I’ve decided to work with SMS marketing companies rather than go it on my own and we’ve got our SMS marketing software and text message marketing platform all ready to go. Thanks for all your practical advice!”
Marla – Asheville, NC
“We own a gourmet wine and cheese shop in a trendy downtown neighborhood and have been looking for strategies to launch a digital loyalty program. Your free bulk text message marketing training was absolutely inspirational! I’ve already spoken with a couple of text message marketing companies and am comparing SMS marketing software, looking at a text message marketing platform and am deciding which SMS marketing service I want. It’s all going well and we are excited to be launching next month – thanks for the head start.”
Frank – Tribeca, NY

If you are ready – we can bring you into the future of mobile marketing for retailers! Our free retail store text message marketing training will have you into 21st century digital branding in a heartbeat. From bulk SMS marketing to how to select SMS marketing companies, text message marketing software, a text message marketing platform and what SMS marketing service to try – we’ll show you everything you need to launch a successful bulk SMS marketing program. Try today – it’s all free for retail store owners!

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